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    Hi. I’m Laura Marchetti and I offer Scaravelli inspired and Somatic yoga classes in Watford Hertfordshire,
    West Hampstead and North West London. I also offer online yoga classes.

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    My yoga classes are for you if…


    You would like to try a deeper and gentler approach to healthy movement, based on modern biotensegrity and neuroplasticity principles.

    You suffer from persistent tension, pain, reduced mobility, fatigue, depression, anxiety or emotional overwhelm.

    You would like individual attention and a tailored approach that creates lasting solutions.

    You would like to experience the energy of a truly alive body, the clarity and resilience of a calm mind, and the joy that comes with connection to yourself and others.

  • How Intuitive Yoga works 


    My thirty years of experience in bodywork have taught me that bossing the body around is a futile strategy. In my view, rote classes, prescriptive systems and quick fix superficial solutions can force the body into unnatural extremes, creating more tension and pain, and more disconnection from ourselves and others.


    There are no shortcuts in Intuitive Yoga. Every class is a slow process of unfolding and undoing that requires patience and attention. Over the years I’ve helped many students to peel back the layers; to give their body a voice, listening to what's underneath, creating deep connection to their internal landscape.


    I witness this transformation in my students every day. I see in them the power of doing less to feel more; the impact of using smaller, deeper and slower movements to rewire the nervous system, revert habitual patterns and restore natural equilibrium. When this equilibrium is restored, there can be a deep sense of connection, and life starts to feel joyous. Witnessing my students begin to experience this freedom is what gives me greatest pleasure as a teacher.

  • What my students say


    My students often report a newfound sense of freedom and aliveness in their body, a clarity of mind, and a peacefulness that allows them to sleep better and establish better eating habits.


    Chronic pain (especially back pain) lessens in intensity and frequency and sometimes disappears entirely.


    Many of my students have also welcomed a shift in their thought patterns, helping them feel more adaptable and resilient.

    It’s about delving deeper

    “Laura has an intuitive ability to find simple ways of working deep rooted areas of the body and after her classes I feel like I’ve undergone a mix of physio/massage/meditation.” 

    ~ Tony Brown

    It’s about treating each one of my students as an individual

    “We are encouraged to practise in a way that best suits our own body and not the person next to us. Laura always pays special attention to our individual needs and ailments.”

    ~ Sheryl Sandler, Film Editor

    It’s about creating lasting change, at any age

    “As I move into my seventies, I am sure it is the gentle but effective movements we practice in Laura’s classes that are keeping me relatively supple and helping me to avoid the backaches and other pains that many of my contemporaries suffer.”


    ~ Liz Freedman, Retired University Lecturer

    It’s about living well off the mat

    “This is yoga to live by, rather than yoga to show off with.” 


    Rachel Ellison MBE, Executive Leadership Coach

  • Please don’t delay getting the help you need

    Please get in touch now so I can help you take the first steps towards restoring your natural equilibrium.


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